• Md.Shahid Ullah

    Research Assistant, Co-Founder at HOMEBUDDY, Masters in Mechatronics Engineering ,Faculty at IIUC


    To develop career in a Multidisciplinary field where Technology, Innovation ,Entrepreneurship work side by side and to take up professional challenges with utmost dedication and integrity,to become an effective and resourceful professional. Intend to work in a challenging and competitive environment where strong sense of responsibility and commitment are required, where dignity of work provides job satisfaction and the place of work provides potential avenues for learning, growing and achieving goals of the company. Also want to make a career rather than just a job and to face the challenges in all aspects.


    My Interview with German radio Deutsche Welle (DW)


    My Presentation at E.I.T Change award Budapest ,Hungary




    Co- Founder 

    2013 – Present

     I have contributed with the initial idea and  was part of the whole development process of the company.

    Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology

    Research Assistant (Masters Thesis) 

    Feb 2014 – Aug 2014


    This job involved the following responsibility.
    (1) Dynamical view of the friction properties in the motion control system.
    (2) Literature survey and summarization of existing friction models and semi-active vibration suppression techniques.
    (3) Implementation of appropriate model using user-define function.
    (4) Conduct the real-time experiment on the motion stage to identify the friction and use it for semi-active vibration suppression.

    University of Trento


    2012 – 2014


    Doing course and project work

    International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC),

    Faculty (Assistant Professor) of the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering 

    Aug 2009 – Continuing


    • Taught different courses and laboratories to undergraduate students
    • Defined course objectives and specified learning approaches and necessary resources
    • Evaluated students progress by assessing students performance in assigned tests
    • Consulted with dean, departmental chair and faculty members to improve quality of education
    • Did regular academic counseling of students

  • Awards and Achievements

    Merit prize award ed 2015 

    Erasmus Exchange Award      

  • Countries I have visited or lived




    It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.





    Microsoft Office


    Good Communication skill



    Clients served



    Università degli Studi di Trento / University of Trento

    Master's in Mechatronics Engineering Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering 
    2012 - 2014


    Activities: Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering

    Tampere University of Technology, Finland

    Master Degree Mechatronics Engineering 2012 - 2012


    Erasmus Exchange Student in Tampere University of Technology, Finland for one semester.

    Activities: RF Engineering,Smart Grid,Communications Engineering,Computer Networking,Machine Vision and Optical Measurements ,Control and Automation

    Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology

    Bachelor Degree Electrical & Electronic Engineering 2005 - 2009



    EIT ICT Labs Master School Summer School 2013 in Trento

     2013 - 2013


    The theme of the Trento Summer School is “design and services for the culture and quality of life” with emphasis on ways of improving the quality of life for both elderly people who need some specific assistance and younger people either on their business or leisure activities. This thematic area is introduced through lectures and workshops on methodologies/approaches focused on design & services, on ways to assess and promote peoples’ quality of life. Enhancing entrepreneurial skills and specific business capacities from the idea to the project remains key objective.
    Throughout the period of the Summer School, students worked in teams of five-to-six participants on a service design project. A selection of initial use cases was provided by Telecom and GPI (enterprises co-located in the Trento node) and by Novay (Netherlands).

    Activities: EIT, Innovation

    EIT ICT Smart Spaces Winter Camp 2013

     2013 - 2013


    The camp is organized as a designstorm involving PhD and Master students with a background in Ubiquitous Computing and related fields and students with a background in Interior Design.The participants will work in small groups through fast-paced sessions to produce and assess several design concepts.
    The main objective of the camp is to develop a truly interdisciplinary approach to Smart Spaces by exposing students from one field to the languages and approaches in the other field. The set of concepts will be published as EIT internal report.

    Activities: EIT, ICT, Smart Space,Ubiquitous computing


    Erasmus intensive language course (EILC )  2012 - 2012



    InnovAction Lab - Trento RISE - University of Trento

    A Course related to creating start up Business. Starup creation 2013 - 2013


    The course aims at teaching how to transform an idea into a viable business plan, and how to present it with effectiveness to investors. Highlights: startup fundamentals; lean startup; understanding investors; business planning; prototyping techniques; innovative business models; market trends; pitch business ideas to stakeholders.

    Intel Business Challenge Europe 2013

     2013 - 2013


    Intel Business Challenge Europe 2013 is a competition for innovative products, smart technologies and interactive web&mobile applications in the areas of:Healthcare & Medical devices,Energy and,Cleantech, People & Society,ICT, Biotechnology,Nanotechnology
    Our Team MRM stood 35th in all over Europe in the final ranking.

    Activities: Innovation,Business Plan,Pitching.

    eRISE-2013-University of trento,Italy and Université Paris Dauphine,France

    eRISE(Engineering of Risk and Security Requirement) Challenge 2013 Engineering of Risk and Security Requirement 2013 - 2013


    The eRISE 2013 challenge will be conducted to empirically evaluate security engineering and risk analysis methods. The event was held in May and June 2013. The first part of experiment was took place at the University of Trento, Italy (13-17 May, 2013), the second at Dauphine University, Paris, France (13-14 June, 2013).

    Activities: CORAS, National Grid Uk

    Random Hacks of Kindness (rhok) Trento-2013-FBK

    Our Team Eucalyptus won The First Prize in the competition.We worked with the problem
    http://www.rhok.org/problems/donate-my-school-stuff and came up with this solution
    For Details

    Cisco Local Accademy ,CUET

    CCNA-1,2,3,4 2008 - 2009



    BNP Paribas Ace Manager-5

     2013 - 2013




    Lorenzo Cassulo

    Regional manager and Product Owner at XPeppers

    Ullah is a talented student, I've met him during the InnovactionLab 2013 and I had the chance to work with him. What I liked most in his attitude are the curiosity and enthusiasm in discovering new things and, at the same time, his pragmatism. All these qualities are important both for a good student and, of course, for a good engineer. For these reason I think he can add value to any kind of cross-functional team. I wish him good luck for his project and I'm sure he will achieve great results.

    Charles Koning

    Sales Manager at SPS Continuïteit in IT

    Shahid is a very talented and committed student. Together with 6 other students from several nationalities he had won the competition on writing and presenting the best business proposal in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Shahid is very open to coaching, but always making his own considered choices. Because of the right argumentation the route to the business plan was not the obvious one. The business plan for 'HomeBuddy' was that of a social company. Shahid has a strong opinion, but also is contributing effectively in group work. I enjoyed to work with Shahid!

    Manfred Micaux

    Project Manager at Winston DC AB

    In our project Shahid contributed with the initial idea, yet he remained open to suggestions for improvements from the very start. He remained cool even in heated discussions and always tried to listen in and understand other team members suggestions and opinions. Shahid is a quick learner and he has the determination to master a task in short time if needed.

    Krishna reddy Konda

    Phd Candidate at University of Trento

    Md.Shahid is a diligent student who puts every effort into the task that has been assigned to him, he is fairly good at matlab. His writing skills are very good and i would like him to recommend for any research related activity and specifically which involves Matlab

    Tong Li

    Student at University of Trento

    Ullah is an active participant of a security method evaluation activity (eRise 2013). As an observer of this activity, I was responsible for observing behaviors of 9 groups, including Ullah’s group. During this activity, he showed great teamwork skill, which definitely promotes the final analysis results of his group. In the final interview session of this activity, he provided many useful feedbacks about the security analysis method he applied, from which I could easily draw a conclusion that he had done an excellent job. Especially, as a master student, who is not specialized in security field, he had shown a talent on quick learning. Based on my limited observation, I think he is capable to make decent contributions to his future team.

    Md. Yiasin Sumon

    Electrical Engineering Intern at Oscium

    It was a pleasure for me to be a colleague of Md Shahid Ullah when I was working as a lecturer/instructor at International Islamic University Chittagong from 2009 to 2010. His course management capability was excellent. Moreover, his knowledge in Electrical Engineering was outstanding which made him popular among his students. I am pretty sure that he will be a very good researcher as well as a very good engineer.

    Massimo Zancanaro

    Researcher at FBK-irst

    Md. Shahid is a very motivated and enthusiastic student. I met him at the Smart Spaces Winter Camp in November 2013, a workshop with students from Interior Design and Engineering aimed at melting cultures to boost innovative thinking. I really appreciated Md. Shahid active participation and openness toward different ideas. His contribution and enthusiasm greatly contribute to the success of the workshop.

    Emilio Asensi Conejero

    Control Engineer at CERN

    I studied with Md.Shahid Ullah during a summer intensive Finnish language course where he showed great learning and teamwork skills, fostering a good working environment at all times, essential for any project to come to fruition.

    Jyri Viitala

    Mechanical designer at RD Velho Oy

    Md.Shahid is a goal-oriented, hardworking student who takes initiative and get's things to happen. It was easy and pleasant to work together with him in a course project.


    Md Lushanur Rahman

    Senior Lecturer at Primeasia University

    Md Ullah is a brilliant student and he is very cooperative while we did a project together on smart grid system. The scientific writing capability of Md. Shahid is outstanding. I wish him good luck for future endeavors.

    Md Lushanur

    Giuseppe Scozzaro

    Technology Strategy Analyst presso Accenture

    Md.Shahid has shown all his potential and competences on achieving fundamental goals for the success of the group project


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